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Kids - Kids Identification DNA System

K.I.D.S. is a system for parents to collect and store their child’s DNA so that in an emergency, a DNA sample from the child is available. In the past, many Sheriff’s and Police Departments have assisted parents by taking their child’s fingerprints for the parent to store. However, this doesn’t always work as predicted, some of the prints are unusable because of the young age of the child and the small size of the fingers.

We believe that this system is easier for parents to complete themselves, and in the event of a tragic emergency, this will assist Law Enforcement to a better degree.

The collection is done by simply rubbing a sterile cotton swab inside of the child’s mouth, allowing it to dry, and storing it in a paper envelope. This doesn’t create the mess of trying to ink a child’s fingertips and if done properly will work for every child, regardless of age or size of the child.

We have also created a form that can be used to track physical changes in your child. this form can be stored with the DNA sample. If completed and updated regularly, the information will be there if it is ever needed. We also recommend having an up to date photo (at least yearly), stored with this form.

This is sponsored by the Burlington Township F.O.P. Lodge #84

To receive more information on any of these programs, please contact Lt. Richard Sullivan.

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