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Field Training Officer (FTO) Unit

The purpose of the Field Training Unit (FTO) is to train new officers so that each is prepared to function as a solo officer at the conclusion of their training cycle.  The field training period for new officers consists of 10 to 14 weeks of intensive on-the-job training and daily performance evaluations.

Field training officers are responsible for providing services to the community as well as conducting training and evaluations for new officers on a daily basis.  The Field Training Officer duties also involve being a role model, clearly communicating the expectations of training, teaching the trainee the policies of the department, and correctly applying concepts learned in the classroom to the everyday duties of a police officer.  It is the responsibility of the FTO to make sure the new officer is completing their duties properly.

Prior to an officer becoming a Field Training Officer, he/she must attend a training course.  The Field Training supervisor is responsible for the supervision of all personnel assigned as a Field Training Officers.

Officers are required to meet specific performance standards in various categories before operating as a solo officer.  After successful completion of the FTO program, each officer is assigned to a patrol squad.

Officers are also required to complete a field training program when promoted to a new position within the department.

Field Training Officers for the Burlington Township Police Department include:

Lt.  Bird #84
Sgt. Holba #92
Ptl. Levondosky #78
Ptl. Worrell #83
Ptl. Correa #94
Ptl. Kochis #101
Ptl. Senni #102
Ptl. Bieri #105
Ptl. Arent #107
Ptl. Fleming #109
Ptl. Thibert #111
Ptl. Zier #112
Ptl. Trumbetti #115

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