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Investigations Bureau

Supervisor – Detective Sergeant Christopher Ent #68

 DSgt. Christopher Ent was hired by Burlington Township Police Department in March of 2000.  He is currently assigned as the Investigations Bureau Supervisor and also oversees the Evidence Management function of the police department.  DSgt. Ent was previously assigned as a Patrol Sergeant, Detective, Patrol Officer, and with the Street Crimes Unit.  He is the supervisor of the Burlington Township Honor Guard Unit and a past operator on the Burlington/Mt. Holly Special Response Team and Bicycle Unit.  DSgt. Ent is currently attending the University of Maryland, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Distance Education.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Business Management from Strayer University.  In his free time, DSgt. Ent enjoys spending time with his kids, going to the beach, fishing, and playing basketball.

The Investigations Bureau conducts investigations that are brought to the attention of the bureau through patrol officers' case reports and intelligence reports.  The Investigations Bureau is also responsible for conducting background investigations for firearms permits, ABC licensing, and employment.  The Investigations Bureau is comprised of 1 Detective Sergeant (supervisor), 4 Detectives, and 1 Evidence Clerk.  The Evidence/Property Management function is overseen by DSgt. Ent but the day-to-day is handled by a Evidence Control Officer, Keith Holler.  Audits are conducted to ensure items are managed and stored appropriately.

Their investigation strategy is simple; bring all reasonably available and appropriate resources to bear to conduct a thorough investigation to determine: who, what, where, when, why and how.   Investigations, particularly those of a criminal nature that have an identified victim, will be conducted with a victim-centered approach.  Results of investigations will be made available to appropriate authorized stakeholders.

For questions related to the Investigations Bureau or Evidence Management, DSgt. Chris Ent may be contacted via email at

Security Camera Registration Program

Residents and business owners may help the Burlington Township Police with their investigations by registering their Security Cameras!  Click the link above to let us know you have a security camera and provide your contact information.

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